Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick sketches

Dewd and I try to get together at least twice a week to draw. Lately I have been working on my comic book during our drawing times, but once in a while I will draw some other things. Her are a few of them. They are really ruff, I try to do them quickly.
The X-men
Skoed tied up (from Skoed and the Grey lady)
I did this one for, but neve got it finished with its colors.


Brikon said...

Really diggin that last one. Nice.

DeWd said...

i think my favorite one is skoed in the library. great work shawn!

Ryan B said...

Nice stuff, Shawn. I hope you get a chance to color them some day.

DeWd said...

speaking of colored versions, you should finish the one of the vagrant man drawing... okay he's a bum. anyway i like the colored version a whole lot